Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon GO

Knowing where to find Ditto in Pokémon Go is tricky because you’ll only know that you caught one after you catch a Pokemon it has disguised itself with.

Ditto is an elusive Pokemon because it can copy any Pokemon and there’s no official list as to where its spawn areas are.

The chance to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go is only at 3% and that might make you give up finding one but stop right there. There are successful players out there too and you have a fair chance to catch Ditto in Pokémon Go.

So, we have gathered all the best information we can find about catching Ditto that will help you have a better chance of catching one.

Knowing about Ditto and the tips and tricks from Pokémon Go will give you more edge than a player who just takes chances without researching.

So, let’s go ahead and check the following helpful information about catching Ditto in Pokémon Go.

All You Need to Know About Ditto In Pokemon Go

All You Need to Know About Ditto In Pokemon Go

Ditto is a Generation 1 transform Pokémon that can transform into any other Pokémon.

It takes on the appearance of the Pokémon it’s facing but always has a pink blob for a body.

Ditto is number 132 in the Pokédex and was first seen in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

It wasn’t until Generation 2 that Ditto could be caught in the wild and was originally found in the Johto Region.

Ditto is also one of the Pokemon that do not evolve.

Current Ditto Disguises Pokémon GO

Current Ditto Disguises

So now that you know that you will never catch a Ditto in its form but you need to know how to Catch Ditto in the Pokémon form that disguises itself most of the time, then you have to know which Pokémon you have to capture that can become a Ditto.

The following are the Pokémon that most Dittos copy as a disguise in Pokémon Go by Generation:

Generation 1 Ditto Disguises

  • Ekans
  • Gastly

Generation 2 Ditto Disguises

  • Spinarak
  • Natu

Generation 3 Ditto Disguises

  • Surskit
  • Numel

Generation 4 Ditto Disguises

  • Bidoof
  • Finneo

Generation 5 Ditto Disguises

  • Lillipup
  • Dwebble

Generation 6 Ditto Disguises

  • Swirlix

Tips to Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

Tips to Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

After knowing which Pokemon can transform into a Ditto. Now you can start catching the Pokemon that can be one of the Pokémon Go Ditto disguises.

With a low chance of catching a disguised Ditto in Pokémon Go, you can say that you have to wait until it’s your lucky day to catch one. Though there are some tips that you can use to catch the Pokemon that Ditto takes up as a disguise in the wild as follows:

  1. Utilize your Nearby Radar – Check your surroundings to see if any of Ditto’s Pokemon disguises are on the list.
  2. With the Silph Road confirmation, using lures and incense might help catch a Ditto in the wild.
  3. Check on Discord chats about places where previous players have successfully caught a Ditto in Pokémon Go. You might find yourself catching a Ditto on a similar spot.

Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Go

Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Go

Aside from the normal Ditto that is already hard to catch if you’re aiming to have an upgraded version of Ditto which is a Shiny Ditto in Pokémon Go, then don’t lose hope as it is possible to catch one if you have the patience and persistence.

A Shiny Ditto is rarer than the regular Ditto and can be extremely hard to find.

As of now, there are no available methods on how to guarantee a catch for a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go.

But there are two rules in the game that is good to know if you are eager to catch a shiny Ditto.

  1. Shiny Pokemon you catch that is one of Ditto’s disguises will not turn into a Ditto. If you encounter a Shiny Pokémon and know that it’s one of the disguises that Ditto can be hiding with, that Pokémon when you catch it will never turn into a Ditto.
  2. If you find one Pokémon that turns into a Ditto after being caught, it can turn into a Shiny Ditto.

With this, you might have already figured it out but the only way to catch a shiny Ditto is basically like how you catch a normal Ditto, find the non-shiny versions of disguises that Ditto take and catch as many as you can for a chance to get a shiny Ditto.

Additional Information About Catching a Ditto in Pokemon Go

Additional Information About Catching a Ditto in Pokemon Go

So you went over all there is to know about how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go and one day you got extra lucky. You caught a Pokémon that is actually a Ditto and you might now be in search now of what’s next.

There is a Pokemon Go SubReddit that talks about bringing Ditto to a Gym to battle with another Pokémon of different Trainers. Ditto might not be as powerful as the other Pokemon but you will get a good feeling as if you own the other Pokémon it disguised itself with.

Please note that Ditto will only assume the first Pokemon it will be fighting against until the end of the gym battle

If you fight another Ditto, since it won’t Transform, Ditto still has another attack to use during the battle called Struggle.

You might say that Ditto isn’t that helpful in the Pokémon Go game aside from its entertaining ability to transform. But catching a Ditto will help you complete your Pokedex which is utterly satisfying for a collector. You might also find that to catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go is needed for some Special Research.

You need to know too, that you cannot catch a Mew without catching a Ditto first.

Where To Find Ditto In Pokemon GO FAQs

How to Get a Ditto to Spawn in Pokémon Go?

Currently, there is no way to spawn Ditto in Pokémon Go. You have to find the Pokémon it disguises itself for a chance to catch a Ditto.

Is Ditto Rare in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Ditto is considered rare in Pokemon Go. You can say that it’s one of the hardest to catch as you can’t tell which is a Ditto until you catch it.

Can I Hatch a Ditto from an Egg?

No, as of now, it is not possible to hatch a Ditto from an Egg.

What’s the Best Lure Module to Attract a Ditto?

There is no specific lure module that can attract a Ditto in Pokemon Go. But it was speculated and confirmed by the Silph Road that using lures and incense might help catch a Ditto.

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