Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO: How To Evolve Eevee

Eevee is one of the most popular and well-known Pokemon in Pokemon GO and one of the most talked-about topics in Pokémon Go is about how to evolve Eevee.

Eevee’s evolutions, often referred to as Eeveelutions, have multiple types and variations depending on which special items are used, happiness levels, moves available, and even the time of day in the traditional Pokémon games.

In Pokemon Go, Eevee may evolve into eight different forms, some of which are significantly easier to capture or trigger than others.

Each Pokémon Go Eevee evolution has a separate unlocking process practically, in most cases, considering that it’s a walking game. So it’s worth doing some research on your preferred evolution before you start.

This Eevee Evolution guide will assist you and provide tips on how to evolve Eevee in the most efficient manner possible so that you can obtain the evolutionary form of choice.

Without further ado, here’s how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Name Trick

Pokemon GO name trick to evolve Eevee

The eight evolution forms of Eevee are Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. After gathering 25 candies, Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon at random.

To avoid randomness, you can use the Eevee name evolution trick which will force Eevee to evolve into the different evolution of Eevee that you have made your mind set on.

It’s important to note that this approach only allows you to obtain each Eevee evolution once. You will no longer be able to obtain that particular kind of Eevee via this method on that account once you’ve completed it.

Check out these different Eevee evolution names you’ll need to get each in Pokémon Go.

  • Eevee to Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Eevee to Flareon: Pyro
  • Eevee to Jolteon: Sparky
  • Eevee to Umbreon: Tamao
  • Eevee to Espeon: Sakura
  • Eevee to Leafeon: Linnea
  • Eevee to Glaceon: Rea
  • Eevee to Sylveon: Kira

Important: The nickname technique will not function unless the silhouette of your desired evolution appears on the evolve button.

Pokemon GO Vaporeon Evolutions

How to get Vaporeon in Pokemon GO

Vaporeon, a Water-type Pokemon, is one of Eevee evolution Pokemon GO options. Eevee can only develop into Vaporeon through the use of a Water Stone in the original games. Vaporeon is also quite a popular card in the Pokemon TCG as fans tend to love anything related to Eevee.

Things are a little different in Pokemon GO, though, because trainers can get a Vaporeon in a variety of methods.

How To Get a Vaporeon in Pokemon GO

Changing an Eevee’s name before trainers use candy on it is one of the quickest ways in evolving Eevee into a Vaporeon. Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon if you collect 25 Candy, however, it will randomly develop into one of the eight ‘Eeveelutions’ unless you change the name of Eevee.

Go to Eevee’s profile page and click the little pencil symbol next to its existing name to change its name to Rainer. Eevee will then evolve into a Vaporeon after its name has been changed and it has been fed 25 Eevee Candy.

This can only be done once per evolution line, so if a player wants another Vaporeon, they’ll have to evolve Eevee randomly.

Another option to get a Vaporeon in Pokemon GO is to trade with a friend online. As long as the player has a Pokemon they want to trade with their friend, they can get a Vaporeon without having to jump through any hoops.

Pokemon GO Flareon Evolutions

How to get Flareon in Pokemon GO

Flareon, the Fire-type evolution of Eevee, can be obtained via any of these techniques in Pokemon GO.

Controlling Eevee’s evolution into Flareon in Pokemon GO isn’t quite the same as it was in the original release of Pokemon Red and Blue since things function a little differently.

Instead, fans of the anime will appreciate a fun one-time-only strategy for controlling the Eevee Flareon evolution. There are a couple of alternative ways to get the Eevee Fire-type evolution in addition to that approach.

How To Get A Flareon in Pokemon GO

As mentioned before, the best way to get Flareon is by changing its name. This name-changing method can be traced back to the beginning of Pokemon GO, however, it will only work once per account.

To begin, go to the menu and select the Eevee you’d like to evolve. By clicking the edit icon next to Eevee’s name. Rename it to Pyro.

Make sure the initial letter of the name is capitalized and that the name is spelled correctly. Close the game completely before restarting it after renaming Eevee and saving.

This is an optional step, but because the servers might be unreliable at times, we recommend restarting Pokemon GO to ensure that the name change is permanent.

There are a lot of players in the world right now who have multiple copies of Flareon and would gladly sell one to a friend in-game. If the name change technique is no longer an option, figure out how to properly leverage your local group of gamers to coordinate a transaction.

Flareon isn’t currently a Battle Raid Pokemon, however, it does occasionally occur in the three-star difficulty spot.

Players who have used the name change technique and are looking for another strong Flareon should keep a watch on the Battle Raid rotations and use their Remote Raid Passes to acquire some encounters.

Pokemon GO Jolteon Evolutions

Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO - Eevee to Jolteon

There are a few options available to Pokemon GO trainers who want to add a Jolteon to their squad.

How To Get A Jolteon in Pokemon GO

Just like the abovementioned. One of the more well-known ways to evolve Eevee into Jolteon is to use the famous naming technique in Pokemon GO.

To evolve Eevee into a Jolteon, players must change their Eevee’s name to Sparky on the Pokemon’s profile page by pressing the little pencil icon.

Players can develop their Eevee into a Jolteon after saving up 25 Eevee Candy. This name gimmick can only be used once each evolution line, so keep that in mind.

If you’ve already used this trick and try to evolve another Eevee using this method, then it will simply evolve into a random Eeveelution.

Trading is also another method to get Jolteon, just like the first two mentioned above.

Pokemon GO Umbreon Evolutions

How to evolve Eevee into Umbreon

In Pokémon Go, Umbreon can be obtained as an Eevee evolution. Umbreon can be obtained by conventional evolution, trade, or the name trick. Umbreon also doesn’t appear in the wild unless it’s for a certain event.

How To Get A Umbreon in Pokemon GO

The famous name trick “cheat” is one of them. The name-changing trick is one of the most useful methods in the regular evolution process. As per the regular evolution requirement 25, Eevee Candy must be met.

The second step is to make Eevee your Buddy Pokémon, a concept introduced in the game that allows you to collect Candy faster by partnering with a certain Pokémon. After that, you must walk 10 kilometers with Eevee as your companion before evolving it at night.

This is a riff on the original game’s evolution, in which you had to form a strong bond with Umbreon and evolve it at night. Walking was used to form the bond, and the nighttime requirement was preserved because Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokémon, so it makes sense.

Trading is still another way to get Umbreon in Pokémon GO without having to complete any official evolution requirements. All you have to do now is locate another player who has an extra Umbreon or two and ask them to trade with you.

Pokemon GO Espeon Evolutions

Pokemon Eeveelutions - Eevee to Espeon

In Pokemon GO, transforming an Eevee into an Espeon isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not just a matter of leveling it up till it reaches a particular point.

How To Get A Espeon in Pokemon GO

Just like the other Eevee Evolutions that were already mentioned, one of the best ways to get Espeon is through the name-changing trick which the process was already discussed above.

Depending on how they play, trainers can modify the nickname or just call it Espeon. Sakura can’t be changed into anything else to stop the Espeon’s transformation or turn it back into an Eevee.

In Pokemon GO, you may also evolve an Eevee into an Espeon by making it a Buddy Pokemon and walking with it for at least 10 kilometers.

While traveling with Eevee, trainers must also obtain two Eevee Candies. Players must push the Evolve button during the daytime whenever these conditions have been met. If a player chooses to evolve Eevee at night, it will become an Umbreon instead.

Trainers must double-check that the Eevee they want to evolve is still their Buddy, otherwise, the process will fail.

Pokemon GO Leafeon Evolutions

How to get Leafeon in Pokemon GO

Mossy Lure Modules, which can be used to evolve Eevee into the grass-type Leafeon when utilized appropriately, have been added to Pokemon GO’s latest update.

How To Get A Leafeon in Pokemon GO

Fans of Pokemon GO should focus on the Mossy Lure Module if they wish to catch Leafeon. The Mossy Lure Module, like the Glacial and Magnetic Lure Modules, is available for purchase in the shop.

Players must first accumulate two hundred coins before they can obtain the Mossy Lure Module. Players can earn up to fifty coins every day by defending gyms in Pokemon GO.

If they don’t want to wait the four days it takes to earn enough coins to buy a Mossy Lure Module through gameplay, Pokemon GO players can swap real money for in-game coins.

The next step is to evolve Eevee into Leafeon once you’ve gotten a Mossy Lure Module. To do so, go to any PokeStop and install the Mossy Lure Module.

This will not only draw Pokemon of the bug, grass, and poison types to the area, but it will also allow Eevee to evolve into Leafeon.

Assuming players are inside the PokeStop’s spinning range, all they have to do now is summon Eevee and choose to develop it while the Mossy Lure Module is active.

Pokemon GO players should be able to evolve Eevee and add Leafeon to their collection as long as they have at least 25 Eevee candy.

Eevee may also be evolved into Leafeon using the naming trick in Pokemon GO. To get Leafeon, rename an Eevee “Linnea” and evolve it once.

Pokemon GO Glaceon Evolutions

How to evolve Eevee in to Glaceon in Pokemon GO

Fans of Pokemon GO may now add Glaceon to their collection thanks to the launch of brand new lure modules. The Pokemon GO community has been waiting for Glaceon in particular, and obtaining one isn’t too difficult.

How To Get A Glaceon in Pokemon GO

The Glacial Lure Module is the first stage in obtaining Glaceon in Pokemon GO.

The Glacial Lure Module currently costs two hundred coins just like Leafeon, thus players will need to either spend real money on coins or have their Pokemon defend gyms to earn enough money.

Players can earn up to fifty coins every day by defending gyms, thus getting a Glacial Lure Module should take four days if you collect the daily maximum every day.

Once players have obtained a Glacial Lure Module, the next stage is to locate a PokeStop that does not currently have any Lure Modules attached. Add the Glacial Lure Module to the PokeStop like any other Lure Module and water and ice-type Pokemon should be drawn to the location.

Players must choose an Eevee from their Pokemon collection while standing within a spinning distance of the PokeStop. They should now be able to evolve Eevee into Glaceon if they have at least 25 Eevee candy and are within a spinning distance of the PokeStop.

Glaceon may also be obtained by naming an Eevee to “Rea” and evolving it in Pokemon GO. However, this method will only work once.

Pokemon GO Sylveon Evolutions

Eevee evolution in Pokemon GO - Eevee to Sylveon

Sylveon is all about companionship, unlike other Eeveelutions that require a set amount of walking and developing at a specific time of day.

How To Get A Sylveon in Pokemon GO

Players will need to evolve Sylveon from an Eevee to obtain him. Players can use a one-time nickname technique to quickly evolve into Sylveon, just like they can with the other Eevee evolutions.

However, there is a different way to obtain this Pokemon in the future.

To utilize the nickname trick, users must name their Eevee “Kira” This will cause the Eevee to evolve into Sylveon, but this method may only be done once per account.

Players can rename their Sylveon after they’ve evolved. The name only matters while the Pokemon is still an Eevee, and the gender of the Eevee has no bearing on the transformation.

There are more steps involved in the procedure if gamers want another Sylveon. Players must select their Eevee as their buddy Pokemon, the same as they did with Espeon and Umbreon. Then, alongside their Eevee, gamers must earn a total of 70 buddy hearts. Players will be able to evolve their Pokemon into Sylveon as a result of this change.

If the evolve button does not have a question mark and instead displays a silhouette or actual picture of Sylveon, players will know they have all they need.

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