13 Best Mobile MMORPGs of 2022

The rise of massively multiplayer online role-playing games or better known as MMORPGs created a lot of choices for players from all over the world.

From PC gaming to mobile gaming, there are a lot of active players seeking fun and adventure and are always on the lookout for new MMORPGs.

Over time, some games have lost their spark and no longer have active players because of the lack of updates and new content from developers.

If you have been searching for MMORPGs that still maintain decent concurrent players in 2022 then this article is for you.

We have researched all the MMORPGs that are still worth every player’s time. These MMORPGs not only have a high download rate since their release but also still have loyal players.

Let’s take a look at the best mobile MMORPGs in 2022.

13. Perfect World Mobile – Over 1 Million Downloads

Perfect World VNG Mobile

Perfect World Mobile is a free-to-play MMORPG that allows players to explore the brilliant 60,000-kilometer continent to fight bravely be it by land, air, or the ocean on their mobile devices.

Players fight as heroes against the wraiths that are planning to destroy the world.

There are three races to choose from in Perfect World Mobile that include Human, Untamed, and Winged Elf. Of the three races, there are outstanding 11 characters players can choose from.

From the Human Race, characters include a wizard, a blade master, and a soul hunter. The Untamed Race has Barbarian, Vulpine, and Assassin while the Winged Elf Race has Cleric and Archer.

As an MMORPG, Perfect World boasts thrilling world bosses, guild bosses, PVP, PVE, and Dungeon systems with cross-server battles.

If you are into thrilling PVP then this game has diverse PVP modes that include 1vs1, 3vs3, 6vs6, 24vs24, and unlimited guild war.

The rich character customization allows players to show off their style from the 250 skin items and micro-character appearance customization.

The game follows a Freemium model and in-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.99 to $96.00.


  • Different PVP modes
  • A wealth of character options
  • Rich character customization
  • Impressive graphics
  • Available on Android and iOS


  • Reported bots
  • Expensive costume items
  • Lag and freezing reports

12. World of Kings – Over 1 Million Downloads

World of Kings MMORPG

World of Kings, not to be confused with World of Warcraft is one of the best mobile MMORPGs with a third-person perspective and offers players the opportunity to explore beautiful locations while fighting in different PVP modes.

Players get the chance to become heroes fighting against the darkness and bringing back the light to the lands.

There are 6 races to choose from with hundreds of rare mounts and pets to add to your collections. Players can even transfer to another class without limitations.

This MMORPG has been around since 2011 and still maintains 1 million downloads on both Android and iOS devices as of 2022.

The gameplay is fun for all ages, it has engaging PVE content, and abundant loots from dungeons.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.99 to $96.00.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Flexible controls
  • Active PVE content
  • Simplified Dungeon Mode


  • Lag and crashes are reported from time to time
  • Limited character customizations.
  • Mature themes might not be suitable for a younger audience

11. V4 – Over 1 Million Downloads

Project V4 mobile MMORPG

V4 is another best mobile MMORPG that is not only playable in a mobile version but also allows cross-platform play to PC.

As one of the best mobile MMORPGs, this mobile MMO game allows players to experience exquisite graphics as they play the role of courageous demon hunters in the open world.

There are excellent weapons and armors to craft that will unleash the power of your chosen demon hunter along with fantastic pets and mounts.

Aside from joining a guild and forming alliances in battles, you can even engage with other players from another server.

There are six different classes to choose from with 50 plus wide customization of characters.

V4 has an autonomous marketplace without a maximum cap that allows players to set prices on items and equipment.

This mobile game is available on both android and ios with a PC version.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.90 to $87.00.


  • Cross-server battles
  • Enhanced character customization
  • Cross-platform support
  • Easy character progression
  • Outstanding graphics


  • Game geared towards pay-to-win
  • Lackluster storyline
  • PVP is enabled by default

10. A3: Still Alive – Over 1 Million Downloads

A3: Still Alive

Another one of the best mobile MMOs that captured the attention of gamers is A3: Still Alive with a dark-fantasy setting with vast environments to explore, from snowfields, deserts, and many more.

This mobile MMO game is a combination of an open-world sandbox, dungeon crawler, and fast-paced battle royale.

The best MMORPG has two unique modes which are the Dark Nest mode which lets you team up with 4 other players to battle it out in a PvE setting and the colosseum mode where 100 players face off against each other.

The diverse character classes, skills, and weapons allow you to create your unique fighting style while exploring the dark fantasy world of A3.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.99 to $96.00.


  • Engaging PvE dungeons and battles
  • Open-world exploration
  • Battle Royale mode
  • Fantastic graphics and effects


  • P2W elements
  • Complicated UI

9. Albion Online – Over 5 Million Downloads

Albion Online for Mobile devices

Albion Online is one of the best free-to-play mobile MMORPGs that allows players not just to go on adventures and go in battle but also to conquer territories, build homesteads, farm crops, and raise animals.

This mobile MMO adapts a classless combat system where weapons and armor are your main tools to progress in the game.

You can join in a solo or group expedition to face demons in dungeons and join in PVPs in the red and black zone of Albion for full-loot. For PVE mode, there are safe zones where you can farm without interruptions.

Albion Online has a player-driven economy. You can grow your fortune from the rich in-game economy by crafting basic tools to powerful weapons.

The popular MMORPG is playable not just on mobile devices but also on desktops.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $1.08 to $171.00


  • Player-driven economy
  • Works cross-platform
  • Does not lean toward the pay-to-win system
  • Detailed map and amazing customizations


  • Not optimized for mid-range devices
  • Complex user-interface

8. Old School RuneScape Mobile – Over 5 Million Downloads

Old School RuneScape Mobile

Old School RuneScape Mobile is one of the best mobile MMORPGs that is based on the original PC game released in 2013.

This MMORPG still captures the hearts of many gamers with its 2007 graphics and mechanics. The nostalgic feel of this mobile MMO will never get old.

There are various skills to train, quests to complete, bosses to defeat, and many more. You can also join in PVPs and group PvE.

You can also create your guild or clan and invite friends to join your adventure.

This mobile MMO game is available on both Android’s Play Store and iOS devices’ App Store.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $6.93 to $102.31 with a subscription model.


  • Stable user experience
  • Nostalgic gameplay
  • Great community support and guild system
  • Excellent PVE and PVP content


  • Old graphics and interface
  • Increasing crash reports

7. MIR4 – Over 5 Million Downloads


MIR4 is one of the mobile MMOs with a play-to-earn system and also is free-to-play. This mobile MMORPG delivers excellent graphics with diverse experiences that include raids, fighting valley and labyrinth bosses, entering different portals for increased drop chance and item loot, castle siege, valley war, and many more.

The play-to-earn system of this MMORPG includes the chance to craft a tradeable item that can be converted to real money, smelting of in-game tokens called Draco that can be sold for real-life money, selling items, and even selling your character as an NFT.

The game has 4 different classes to choose from which include Arbalist (archer-type), Taoist (healer), Lancer, and Warrior. The appearance of your chosen character is highly customizable upon creation.

There are fantastic pets and mounts that you can own but outfit designs are limited that can be purchased by gold that you can earn from the in-game market. The market system allows you to set the price of your items.

There are several ways to power up your character aside from crafting powerful weapons, equipment, and accessories which include magic stones, mystical pieces, conquest promotions, and enhanced skill levels.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.97 to $96.00 with a subscription model.


  • Play-to-earn system
  • Constant updates from developers for new and interesting content
  • Impressive graphics
  • Rich gameplay that keeps players engaged


  • A lot of bots in the game
  • Lean towards a pay-to-win system
  • Expensive item purchases

6. Lineage 2 Revolution – Over 5 Million Downloads

Lineage 2 Revolution game

Lineage 2 Revolution is another best choice among the mobile MMORPGs. It is a real-time MMO that features high-quality graphics, intense guild battles, and massive guild wars.

The massive open world of this MMORPG features an environment where players can explore, fight monsters, and complete quests.

This free-to-play mobile MMO has a class system with 4 classes to choose from which are the fighter, archer, mage, and support. The game also has an active party system where players can join their friends to raid bosses and complete dungeons.

There are also PvP leagues, clan castle siege events, guild wars, and a lot more game modes to play with your friends.

Lineage 2 Revolution mobile version supports both android and ios. This game also uses Google Play Games that can add to your Google Play points.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.97 to $95.00.


  • Rewarding gameplay that offers diverse experiences
  • Excellent graphics and mechanics
  • Engaging PvP features


  • In-game purchases tend to lean towards a pay-to-win system
  • Leaving the game can be frustrating if you lose your character or inventory items in your account due to maintenance issues.

5. Arcane Legends – Over 10 Million Downloads

Arcane Legends mobile MMORPG for iOS and Android

Arcane Legends is also one of the best mobile MMORPGs that is available on both android and iOS. It is a 3D fantasy MMO that features co-op questing and PvP battles.

This MMORPG has a pet system where you can hatch, train, and evolve your pets to help you in battle.

In this best mobile MMO, you can also choose from 3 classes which are the warrior, mage, or rogue. Each class has its distinct skills and abilities.

The game also features a guild system where you can join forces with other players in the same world to take on challenging dungeons and bosses.

You can also participate in PvP events such as arena battles and guild wars.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $1.89 to $87.00.


  • Rich game content that offers diverse experiences
  • Detailed class systems with different skills and abilities
  • Engaging PvP features


  • In-game purchases can lean towards a pay-to-win system
  • Occasional server issues

4. Raid: Shadow Legends – Over 10 Million Downloads

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a 3D mobile MMORPG that features turn-based combat.

As one of the best mobile MMORPGs, this game has a unique collectible card system that allows you to collect, upgrade, and fusion your cards to create powerful champions.

You can also choose from 14 factions and over a hundred champions. Each champion has its distinct skills and abilities that you can use in your battles.

Raid: Shadow Legends also features a guild system where you can build and recruit your army to compete with other players.

It is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of Raid: Shadow Legends before, as there was a time that every YouTuber and Twitch Streamer was advertising the game as the best MMORPG mobile game.

This MMORPG is available on both android and ios devices and supports Google Play Games as well.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.94 to $96.00


  • Fusion system for cards that adds another layer of strategy
  • A detailed champion system with different skills and abilities
  • Engaging guild features


  • In-game purchases can be expensive
  • The game is heavily reliant on RNG (Random Number Generator) which can be frustrating for some players

3. Black Desert Mobile – Over 10 Million Downloads

Black Desert Mobile Game

Black Desert Mobile is one of the best MMORPGs with outstanding graphics, engaging gameplay, and impressive content.

There are 13 classes to choose from in Black Desert Mobile with a high degree of customization.

You can also choose from 4 modes which are auto-battle, co-op play, PvP mode, and siege.

This mobile MMORPG features a detailed guild system where you can build your castle with unique skills and abilities for each region.

In addition to that, there is an in-game auction house where you can buy, sell, and trade items with other players.

The vastness of the game allows players to experience thrilling content from fishing and taming, to managing and expanding your camp.

Enjoy gaming with a collection of your pets and mounts that will keep you company on your journey.

There are over 150 countries around the world playing this game.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.80 to $99.50.


  • Fantastic graphics with a high degree of customization
  • A wide variety of content that will keep you engaged
  • An active and vibrant community with players from all over the world


  • The game can be resource-intensive which may cause problems for some devices
  • In-game purchases can be expensive

2. Toram Online – Over 12 Million Downloads

best mobile MMORPG Toram Online

Another one of the best mobile MMORPGs to download is Toram Online. This MMORPG for mobile gives players memorable adventures in the vast and rich world of the game.

Toram Online boasts better graphics and promotes social interaction across different countries.

Form parties with your friends to fight monsters or summon a partner from your sub-characters to help you in a battle.

If you’re a fan of customizations, you will love the unrestricted character creations of this game. There are about 500 billion combinations available for your character so you will never get bored in creating your unique character.

For weapons and equipment, you can change the color you want and be creative and assign abilities for your weapons as you level up.

In-game item purchases’ estimated price range is from $0.93 to $76.00.


  • Massive character customization
  • Colorful environment
  • Engaging storyline
  • Extraordinary soundtrack


  • Confusing map
  • Limited description and explanation of skills and equipment refinement

1. Genshin Impact Mobile – Over 85 Million Downloads

Genshin Impact Mobile MMORPG

Genshin impact is the best MMO for mobile with its fantasy world, engaging storyline, and innovative features.

There are 48 Genshin Impact characters available to players as they embark on a journey to save this land from evil forces.

Each class has distinct skills that can help you in your battles. You can also experience PvP combat and defeat other players from all around the world.

Another great feature of this MMORPG is its action-packed combat system that makes you feel like you are in a console game.

In addition to that, there are many dungeons and over 50 bosses to challenge your skills and abilities.

Whether you’re a fan of collecting pets or mounts, this game has it all.

In-game freemium elements are priced from $0.95 to around $96.00.


  • Fantastic graphics
  • An immersive and captivating storyline
  • A wide variety of features that will keep you engaged
  • A large community of players from all around the world
  • Currently the best mobile MMORPG game


  • The resource-intensive game may not work well for some devices
  • Expensive in-game purchases can be frustrating for some players.

Whether you’re a fan of customizations, an immersive storyline, or simply enjoy collecting pets and mounts, there is the mobile MMORPG on this list for you. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of these popular MMORPGs and start your adventure today!

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