All Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

The Pokeball is usually overlooked but it is in fact your most important tool when ti comes to capturing and expanding your Pokemon collection.

As you might have seen before in the anime, the various types of Pokeballs has different abilities and help increasing your chances of a successful capture.

To help you understand which type of Pokeball you should use in Pokemon GO when capturing wild Pokemon, we have prepared a list of all the types of Pokeballs.

Here are all the Pokeballs in Pokemon GO and the information that you need to know about each type.

Types of Poké Balls in Pokemon GO

Poké Balls

Regular poke ball in Pokemon GO

The standard Poké Ball is the most common and basic item used to capture a wild Pokemon. A regular Poké Ball is the easiest to acquire and also the cheapest.

A standard Poké Ball has a 1x multiplier in increasing the chances of capturing a common pokemon.

When starting with a new account, you will be given 50 standard Poke balls. You will also get additional Poke balls as a reward when you level up from levels 2 to 11.

Great Balls

Great ball in Pokemon GO

Great Balls are just like Pokeballs but with a 1.5x catch rate multiplier which means that it’s easier to catch a Pokemon with a Great Ball than a regular Pokeball.

When a player reaches level 12, 20 free Great balls are given as a reward. From levels 12-19 you also get Great Balls as a reward.

Great balls are also obtainable through spinning Photo Discs.

Ultra Balls

Ultra Ball in Pokemon GO

An Ultra Ball has a 2x catch rate multiplier, making it the most effective ball type in terms of catching a Pokemon.

Ultra balls are unlocked when a player reaches level 20 with 20 free Ultra Balls given upon reaching this level.

You can also get Ultra Balls as a reward when you level up starting at levels 20 up to level 29. You can also get Ultra Balls though Photo Discs.

Master Balls

Master Ball

Master Balls are the rarest and most effective ball type with a catch rate multiplier of 255x.

This means that a Pokemon is always caught when using a Master Ball regardless of its HP and Capture Rate. Be sure to only use this ball when trying to capture the strongest Pokemon out there in the wild.

A player will not find Master Balls as a level-up reward or via Photo Discs. The only way to get a Master Ball is by purchasing it from the in-game store.

Premier Balls

Premier Ball

A Premier Ball is a bonus ball type that is given to a player when they make a successful capture of a Shadow Pokemon or a Raid Boss.

The number of Premier balls that you get after making a capture is equal to the number of regular Pokeballs used in the recent capture minus one.

For example, if you use 3 regular Pokeballs and 1 Great ball to successfully catch the Shadow Pokemon/Raid Boss, you will be given 2 Premier balls.

A player can have a maximum of 100 Premier balls at any given time.

Other Types of Pokeballs (Not in Pokemon GO)

There are a few Poké balls that are not present in Pokémon GO but are worth knowing about too. Just to add to your knowledge, here are some of the different Poké balls that can be found in other Pokémon games:

Quick Ball

In Generation IV when it was first introduced, this Poké Ball will have a 4x catch rate modifier when used on the first turn of the encounter. In Generation 5 and onwards the catch rate modifier is 5x but will always have a 0.1x catch rate modifier when used on an Ultra Beast.

Repeat Ball

Introduced in Generation III, this Poké Ball has a 3x catch rate modifier when used to catch a Pokemon already registered in Pokedex. From generation VII onwards the catch rate modifier became 3.5x.

Cherish Ball

The Cherish Ball (also sometimes called the Precious Ball) was first introduced in Generation IV and has a 1x catch rate modifier. This Ball is a ceremonial Poke ball that is given to trainers that obtain specific Pokemon from events. You can’t actually use this ball manually and from Gen 6 onward, bred Pokemon (which normally receive the same ball as their parent) won’t inherit the Cherish ball from their parent.

Dusk Ball

A Dusk Ball is a specially made Poké Ball that has a 3x catch rate multiplier when used at night time or in a dark place.

Beast Ball

The Beast Ball has introduced in Generation VII with a 5x higher catch rate modifier when used on Ultra Beasts.

Lure Ball

The Lure Ball has a 3x higher catch rate multiplier but can only be used on Pokemon that are hooked by a fishing rod.

Dive Ball

The Dive ball is a specially made Pokeball that has a 3.5x catch rate multiplier when used on Pokemon that are underwater.

Nest Ball

The Nest Ball has a 4x catch rate multiplier but can only be used on catching Pokemon whose level is lower than the player’s current level divided by 2 and rounded down.

Net Ball

The Net Ball has a 3.5x catch rate multiplier but can only be used on Bug and Water-type Pokemon.

Dream Ball

The Dream Ball was introduced in Generation V with a 1x catch rate modifier. This Poké Ball can only be used in the Entralink’s Lostlorn Forest to catch Cresselia.

Timer Ball

The Timer Ball has a catch rate multiplier that gets higher the more turns that have passed in battle. This Poké Ball starts at a catch rate modifier of 0.5x on the first turn and increases by 0.1x each turn up to a maximum of 4x on the 13th turn and onwards.

Luxury Ball

The Luxury Ball has a 1x catch rate modifier but increases the happiness of the caught Pokemon by 2 heart points instead of the usual 1 heart point.

Heal Ball

The Heal Ball has a 1x catch rate modifier but heals the caught Pokemon of any status conditions it may have.

Moon Ball

The Moon Ball has a 4x catch rate multiplier but can only be used on Pokemon that evolve using a Moon Stone.

Friend Ball

The Friend Ball has a 1x catch rate modifier but increases the caught Pokemon’s happiness by 200 points.

Love Ball

The Love Ball has an 8x catch rate multiplier but can only be used on Pokemon of the opposite gender of the player’s active Pokemon.

Heavy Ball

The Heavy Ball has a 0.5x catch rate modifier but is more likely to catch heavier Pokemon than lighter ones.

Pokeball FAQs

How Do Poke Balls Plus work with Pokemon GO?

Poke Balls Plus lights up in green color and vibrates to signal that there is a nearby Pokemon. To catch the Pokemon simply press the central button. White light signals that you are attempting to catch it, Red light indicates that catching the Pokemon failed, and flashing multiple colors means you have caught it.

Does it matter what Poke balls you use in Pokemon GO?

Yes, for example for a super rare Pokemon or a powerful Pokemon, you use Master Ball to make sure that you catch the Pokemon successfully. For an Ultra Ball, you only use it for levels 25 and up.

What’s better an Ultra Ball or a Great Ball?

Ultra Ball is only better than a Great Ball when used in monsters that have capture rates above 55 and below 200. Ultra Ball increases the chance of successfully capturing Pokemon within the mentioned range by 20%. You can find more info on catch rates here

How do I obtain Pokeballs?

Spinning PokeStops, Gifts, Field Research Tasks, The Shop (Premium), and The Shop (Free) are among the ways to get better Pokeballs in Pokemon GO.

How do you get a Master Ball in Pokemon GO?

Master Balls are unlocked when you reached level 30. Save your Master Ball for the rarest Pokemon only.

How do you get a Premier Ball in Pokemon GO?

Premier Ball is given only after defeating a Raid Boss or Shadow Pokémon in a Raid Battle. The number of Premier Ball that you can receive is not certain. Premier Ball disappears after a raid even ends.

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